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Putting Primary Sources in Order - Text Set and Flow Map

Screen cap of video: Putting Primary Sources in Order - Flow Map
This video walks through a student activity using a text set.
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Organizing a rich text set of primary sources requires that students analyze and make sense of several sources on a topic. In this case, they seek to answer a focused guiding question. Students sort through about a dozen images, letters, forms, and political cartoon. In practice, a teacher could offer fewer sources, though it is a valuable sometimes to require students to choose among sources. The primary sources are also give context by a secondary source narrative from the Veterans Administration. 

This activity would work best as a culminating activity for a unit because it requires that students bring substantial background knowledge. Assessment of the activity could include a written claim supported by their evidence. It might take the form of a timeline. 

A popular follow-on activity is to have students draw a set of cartoon panels to make their case. (Example below.) 

Watch the video (6:39 minutes): Putting Primary Sources in Order - Flow Map - Using Civil War Veterans Text Set. 


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