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Radical Equality: the Northampton Association of Education and Industry

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Slavery and freedom. Democracy and opportunity. Rights and responsibility.

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary community of Utopian abolitionists and reformers of the 1840's.

Radical Equality is one of a series of online exhibit by the Collaborative’s Emerging America program. Each exhibit showcases gems from the collections of Western Massachusetts museums and models strategies to engage learners through compelling stories and source materials. Part of our aim is to inspire teachers and students to identify and engage the remarkable stories of their own communities and publish them.


Two online exhibits present a select group of primary sources, stimulating questions, and engaging tools of analysis and reflection



Learn how the visionaries of the Northampton Association of Education and Industry played vital roles in the struggle to end slavery in America


portrait of Dolly Stetson
Cast of Characters

Get to know the individuals and critical to the Northampton Association of Euducation and Industry and this time period


map of Florence Massachusetts

Experience the difficult art of reeling silk fibers, also visit NAEI sites through video clips of historian Steve Strimer 


Stetson Letter


Explore the work of the NAEI in 1842-1846 through historic pictures, maps, letters, newspaper articles, speeches, book excerpts, and advertisements


Upcoming Workshops

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