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Transportation and Market Revolution in the Connecticut River Valley. Trade and Commerce.

steamboat Barnet Sketch of the Steamboat Barnet

The study of the Steamboat Barnet relates to the development of regional economics and the American System.

Our online activities promote the analysis of local primary documents while developing historical comprehension and chronological thinking by research how the Barnet related to the economic growth of the U.S. in the 1800’s.

The Teacher’s Room offers guidance for engaging students in Grades 8-12 with the lessons developed for the Steamboat Barnet Online Exhibit. In addition to information about using these Primary Sources in secondary classrooms, you will find an in-depth background essay for teachers specifically designed to tie national themes with this dynamic local story and provide deeper background information for teachers.

1) Using Primary Sources in Grades 8-12

2) Connecting to the Steamboat Barnet to the larger story

3) How is the background story used: Grades 8-12 Lesson Plans Based on the Exhibit

4) Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Frameworks

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