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Header Photo - Denise Wood, Leeds Elementary School, Northampton, leads students in a study trip to the Bridge Street Cemetery in search of stories of Revolutionary War soldiers.
Denise Wood, Leeds Elementary School, Northampton, leads students in a study trip to the Bridge Street Cemetery in search of stories of Revolutionary War soldiers.


Explore Local History

The websites below were created by teams of teachers and students from Kindergarten through high school. Local history projects featured prominently in Emerging America’s Teaching American History grant (2006-2013).  Periodically, we offer the Windows on History graduate course for teachers, covering project design and implementation. Contact us for guidance on civic engagement projects and information on upcoming trainings. We are also happy to review and add your student-created local history website! 

Belchertown High School

Caldwell Alternative School

Easthampton High School

Gabriel Abbott Memorial Elementary School

Gateway Regional Junior High School

Granby Public Schools, West Street School

Hadley Public Schools, Hopkins Academy

Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School

Ludlow Public Schools, Paul R. Baird Middle School, Chapin Street School

North Adams Public Schools, Drury High School

Northampton Public Schools, Florence Learning Center

Northampton Public Schools, Jackson Street Elementary

Northampton Public Schools, Leeds Elementary School

Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School

Providence Hospital A.R.T.

Gill-Montague Regional School District, Turners Falls High School


Previous Projects

  • Amherst Public Schools, Wildwood Elementary: Shays Rebellion
  • Deerfield Elementary School: A Day in the Life of a Student in Deerfield Past and Present
  • Easthampton High School: Windows on History: Hawks & Doves and In Between
  • Hadley Elementary School: Farming in Hadley, 1800-2007
  • Hatfield Public Schools: Hatfield Elementary: Hatfield in Perspective
  • Holyoke Public Schools:
    • Maurice A. Donahue School: Looking Back: The History of Holyoke’s Buildings
    • E.N. White Elementary School: The Immigrants of Holyoke and Their Churches
  • Monson Public Schools, Granite Valley Middle School: Granite: A Solid Foundation for Monson
  • Northampton Public Schools, Leeds Elementary School: King Philip’s War
  • Parker Charter School: 1969 Harvard Strike
  • Pelham Public Schools: The Pelham Town Complex
  • South Hadley Public Schools, Michael E. Smith Middle School: Our Connecticut River, and South Hadley During Antebellum and the Civil War
  • Shutesbury Elementary School: Edward Hitchcock and the Pioneer Valley
  • West Springfield Elementary Schools: The History of Schools in West Springfield

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