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WEBINAR - Accessing Civic Engagement with Students with Disabilities

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Teenage activist Greta Thunberg stands outside wearing a hooded yellow raincoat, "Skolstrekt for Klimatet" sign behind her [school strike for climate]
Wed, 04/29/2020


How will your school district ensure that students with disabilities can fully and meaningfully participate in the new student-led civic engagement projects at 8th grade and high school? (Includes students receiving support through Special Education and 504 plans and other diverse learners.) 

Participants of this 75-minute webinar will:

  • Examine 2018 Civic Engagement legislation and DESE Civic Engagement Project Guide with access for diverse learners in mind.
  • Consider overall strategies to support diverse learners in project-based learning. 
  • Gain access to planning tools:
    • School district readiness assessment.
    • Inclusion planning supplement for school district civic engagement projects.
  • Gain access to additional resources, including:
    • Professional development to support inclusion of students with disabilities and other diverse learners in Civics, and in History and Social Science.
    • Digital clearinghouse of resources–lessons, historical source materials, and teaching strategies–to support inclusion of students with disabilities in Civics, and in History and Social Science. 
    • Links to disability rights advocacy groups and information on issues

Audience and Grade Level

Teachers, Grades 4 - 12 

Dates and Locations

This training is fully online.

  • April 29, 2020 from 3:30pm - 4:45pm  Please complete this short survey to express your interest in the webinar and to share questions and resources on access for ALL in civic engagement. 

Cost and Registration

This webinar is free of charge, thanks to support from the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program.

Registration Deadline: April 22

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