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Emerging America logo against vista of sky, river, distant mountains.
Date: Nov 18 2020
EMERGING AMERICA HISTORY eNEWS Vol. 7, Issue 31 for November 18, 2020


Magnifying glass with black handle shows words "History's Mysteries" in the lens
Date: Nov 16 2020

"What has excited my kids most is the chance to be detectives. They look forward to the days of the week when they get to hunt for clues."

-2nd Grade Teacher

History's Mysteries has two new mystery-series available to add to the units already available, and teachers are excited. When the History’s Mysteries K-5 inquiry curriculum was introduced, it fea…

African-American woman seated at hearing table, speaking, microphone clipped to floral striped dress, her face and indistinct objects above counters behind her reflecting bright lights.
Date: Nov 4 2020
EMERGING AMERICA HISTORY eNEWS Vol. 7, Issue 30 for November 4, 2020 NEWS The Library of Congress is offering Virtual Workshops for Students.  The Mass Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Ed (DESE) opened a new History & Social Science resource page.  The page has a new Civics Project Guidebook 2.0, including for Remote Learning and Civics Projects.  Nov. 16 - DESE-led “Civics Proje…
Streetcar with surgical-mask-wearing conductor, waves goodbye to two men on street wearing hats & overcoats, one wearing improvised mask.
Date: Nov 3 2020
November, 2020 (last update, November 17)

At Emerging America, we focus on resources for teachers of History, Social Studies, and Civics. On this regularly updated page, we feature resources for teachers of those subjects who are designing curriculum in the context of the pandemic, both for students learning from home, and for students navigating a changing environment no matter where teaching…