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A group picture in the Oval Office. President Obama, wearing a suit, is holding a large picture frame in front of a group of four other people. To his right stands Lois Curtis, an African American woman with short curly hair wearing a blazer, gestures at the picture frame that holds her artwork.
Date: Jan 25 2024

Post by Rich Cairn and Ross Newton


"Court cases are great for teaching history because they often deal with concrete details from everyday life."

- Ross Newton, High School History teacher, HEC Academy. 


Teaching with Court Cases 

Many teachers teach students to read and analyze famous court cases such as Brown v. Board of Education and Miranda v.…

Emerging America logo against vista of sky, river, distant mountains.
Date: Jan 18 2024
Stronger together shows men and women of different races side-by-side, hands forward, holding an array of giant flowers. Above them, a flock of birds flies in front of the sun.
Date: Jan 10 2024
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Emerging America recently added useful functions to our website. At the suggestion of friends at the #TeachDisabilityHistory campaign, we added an FAQ page to the Reform to Equal Rights curriculum. And we added more lessons as well as search tools to the Teaching Resources page. Finally, we created a Learning Standards page to shape inc…

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