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silhouetted hands make a T "time out" symbol above the words, "We need to hear and discuss offensive words that appear in primary sources."
Date: Apr 27 2023

Every unit of the Reform to Equal Rights: K-12 Disability History Curriculum includes an introduction to the topic of disability, including strategies to address disrespectful vocabulary. 

There are many words about disability that are offensive in today's usage but that are unavoidable in primary sources–even current sources. (Think for example of the term, "dumb," which once meant n…

Emerging America logo against vista of sky, river, distant mountains.
Date: Apr 20 2023
Katharina Matro, a high school social studies teacher who grew up in Germany, explains how consistent and open education about the Holocaust has shaped her own commitment to democracy and her love of country.  American Historical Association..
Date: Apr 15 2023

High quality social studies education is an essential tool to maintain and advance American democracy. American history teachers follow rigorous professional standards because they understand this enormous responsibility. The organizations and principles below aim to support teacher in the challenging environment that many of them face across the United States today. 

A powerful and ri…

Kelley Brown and Laurie Risler stand between posters 'Reimagining Civic Education for American Democracy' and 'Private i History Detectives'
Date: Apr 12 2023

When the Founding generation talked about the pursuit of happiness they had specific ideas in mind– a tranquility or contentment–the ability to look back on one’s life and feel satisfied with one’s decisions and behavior. To that generation, living a virtuous life was key to human happiness.

Kelley Brown, The Pursuit of Happiness: 

The upcoming Emergin…

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