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Date: Jan 30 2019

EMERGING AMERICA HISTORY eNEWS Vol. 6, Issue 4 for January 30, 2019 With the Federal Government open again, register now for the Forge of Innovation: The Springfield Armory and the Genesis of American Industry. Earn stipend of $1,200. Meet new Mass History standards. Apply by March 1. Program and application info. See below to register for a new session of the Emerging America World Geography a…

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Date: Jan 28 2019

Each week, History eNews posts links to current highlights in the TPS (Teaching with Primary Sources) Teachers Network. While the ideas and discussion are well worth logging in for, the sharing-friendly Albums tool may transform how you create and share sets of primary sources–with your classroom, with colleagues, even with Facebook and any social media where you share links with others.

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Date: Jan 24 2019

EMERGING AMERICA HISTORY eNEWS Vol. 6, Issue 3 for January 23, 2019

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Date: Jan 11 2019

“Every student deserves to study history and social science every year, from pre-kindergarten through grade 12.”

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Date: Jan 8 2019

Teachers have been striving to make their curriculum more fully reflect the history of all members of a community, to tell the stories not only of kings and generals, but of the young and the old, women and men, and those with both extraordinary and ordinary abilities and challenges. The lesson added to our resource library this week is an example of how to bring this perspective to the study o…

Carrying signs demanding access to work, women and men in wheelchairs and on foot march in the streets, 1977
Date: Dec 16 2018

Engaging ALL students in history and social studies education means not only using inclusive practices, but not overlooking the impact of historical changes and events on people with disabilities, and the impact people with disabilities have had on history. Ten lessons on History of People with Disabilities that address the new Massachusetts standards for History and Social Science are currentl…

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Date: Dec 12 2018


Registration newly open for spring courses at Emerging America. Includes new section of Accessing Inquiry for Students with Disabilities through Primary Sources. Rhode Island high school grad sues state for denying her Constitutional right to learn civics. See a thoughtful post from the California History and Social Science Project’s Nancy McTygue.