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Poster shows George Washington crossing a river of cherry pies. It is a spoof on Emanuel Leutze's painting of Washington crossing the Delaware
Date: Mar 13 2019

Pi Day has become a celebration of growing festivity in many American educational settings. March 14, as expressed 3.14 in ‘’ notation, is an opportunity to talk about π*, to have a celebration that connects to science and geometry, and to brighten the muddy days of March with the pleasures of pie.

How do history and social studies classrooms get in on the fun? Teachers of Ancie…

Date: Mar 13 2019
NEWS The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History – 2019 National History Teacher of the Year Nomination Tuesday, April 9 – 3:30-5:00pm. Rescheduled final Social Studies Leaders of Western Mass PLC. Haymarket Cafe, Northampton. Discuss implementation of 2018 History and Social Science Curriculum Framework. Contact: “Kids as Political Props” – Provocative blog post. Ho…
Date: Mar 6 2019
NEWS Massachusetts History Alliance – Postcard Competition Entries – Cast Your Vote! Application to NEH Forge of Innovation summer workshops closes March 7.

Instructional videos and other resources on

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and

Universal Design for Learning

in the S…

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy video introduction by professor
Date: Mar 2 2019

On the website, we are gathering resources that teachers can use to expand their repertoire of strategies for supporting all learners.  The Minnesota Historical Society has published a series of brief educational videos for new and experienced teachers. Each 10 minute segment introduces the concepts of culturally relevant pedagogy and the ways that using primary sources expa…

Date: Feb 27 2019
NEWS Invitation to judge Massachusetts History Day – April 6, 2019 – Information Civic Engagement Day at Massachusetts State House – March 5, 12:30-3:30. Mass Civic Learning Coalition website. Legislators promote funding for civics education in 2020 budget – Article on the Massachusetts Civics Projects Trust Fund. From iCivics – CivXNow – K-12 Civic Education Map
Forge of Innovation 2015 - Group Shot at Sojourner Truth Statue, Northampton
Date: Feb 21 2019

EMERGING AMERICA HISTORY eNEWS Vol. 6, Issue 7 for February 21, 2019 Applications Due March 1 for Summer 2019 Forge of Innovation! EVENTS @ EMERGING AMERICA - Info & Registration. Contact HISTORY AND CIVICS EDUCATION COURSES APPLY BY MARCH 1: Forge of Innovation: The Springfield Armory and the Genesis of American Industry, NEH…

Date: Feb 13 2019

EMERGING AMERICA HISTORY eNEWS Vol. 6, Issue 6 for February 13, 2019

NEWS Complete this VERY quick survey on the future of the Civics and Social Studies website. (Resources tabs of the site will be moved from From the California History and Social Science Project - thoughts on addressing 'Too Much World History?" in new standards there. Massachusetts His…

Article with incendiary captions and headlines with photos of "feeble minded" people at top.
Date: Feb 8 2019

The Eugenics movement in the early 20th century United States, a pseudo-scientific amalgamation of social Darwinist philosophy and animal breeding management, gained widespread approval across the country and influenced many internationally, most notably in the the Nazi racial policies of the era leading up to World War II. This primary source set includes newspaper articles, photographs, carto…

Date: Feb 6 2019
NEWS Please complete this survey for the Library of Congress, “Podcast Usage Among Educators” by February 24– And thank you! Crowdsourcing Helps to Unlock the Mystery of Cursive - Library of Congress Blog Post Civic Learning Impact and Measurement Convening - Summary of current research in the field, speakers, and more.
Date: Jan 30 2019

EMERGING AMERICA HISTORY eNEWS Vol. 6, Issue 4 for January 30, 2019 With the Federal Government open again, register now for the Forge of Innovation: The Springfield Armory and the Genesis of American Industry. Earn stipend of $1,200. Meet new Mass History standards. Apply by March 1. Program and application info. See below to register for a new session of the Emerging America World Geography a…