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Bricks and Mortar Vocabulary for History lessons

 “As of last year, I started working with ELL students and have become far more cognizant of vocabulary.  I’ve always taken for granted that students know certain vocabulary words, but now I find myself going over many words and to my surprise, it’s not just ELL kids who benefit from it!”

-Kevin, Spring 2019 Online Accessing Inquiry course participant


Immigration: The Making of America

The following unit plan highlights how patterns of immigration are both similar and different for immigrant groups coming to America. The cornerstone of the unit is a diagram and PowerPoint Presentation detailing the progression of the immigrant experience that serves as a model for a variety of immigrant groups. Included in the set is a Universal Design for Learning chart and an extensive annotated list of primary source documents from the Library of Congress provide a visual reinforcement of the immigrant journey both before, during, and after their arrival in the United States.

Historical Fiction: Setting Study through Primary Sources of the Novel Esperanza Rising

This two-day lesson is based on students acquiring a better understanding of the effects the Great Depression had on migrant workers and their children as portrayed in the novel: Esperanza Rising. The use of photographs, as primary sources, will support understanding of this time period, as well as provoking oral discussion among English Language Learner students. As a summative assessment, students are asked to write a paragraph explaining their increased understanding of the time period through the use of primary source documents.

New Lesson Plan: Child Immigrant Experiences of Early 1900s and Today

This elementary school lesson engages students with primary source materials that make vivid the journeys and lives of immigrant children in the early 20th century and today. It features video interviews with kids who have recently immigrated and archival photos of child immigrants from the turn of the 20th century.

New Lesson Plan - Historical Fiction: Setting Study through Primary Sources of the Novel Esperanza Rising

Lesson activities on the first day of instruction include analyzing notable primary source images from the Great Depression including Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother” and classifying quotes from Esperanza Rising into categories based on the characters thoughts and feelings regarding the economic conditions of the era. On the second day of activities students revisit quotes from Esperanza Rising, this time separating the quotes into two categories: advantages and disadvantages of striking during the Great Depression.

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