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Language-aware lesson example: Colonial Daily Life (3rd Grade)

Explore primary sources to learn about daily life in Colonial Massachusetts.

Students will practice with posing questions about primary source documents and then analyzing the resources to learn more about life in Colonial Massachusetts. Students will summarize their learning in the final lesson.

What was everyday life like for people who lived near the ocean in Massachusetts 250 years ago?

What can a newspaper tell us about the lives of men, women, and children in 1767 Massachusetts?

Focus skills include:

Early America: Maps and Exploration

Maps, Knowledge, and Power in Medieval and Renaissance Europe

Maps are a representation of geographical space. As such, they are valuable as a source of information. Yet their makers can also use them to control or alter perceptions of that same information. In the 14th and 15th centuries, cartography, or the science of map-making, changed rapidly due to the explorations of the Americas. Use the maps below to trace some of these changes.

Primary Sources:

Mappa mundi, Hereford, c.1300 

Slavery and Anti-Slavery: Social, Political, and Religious Change

The Library of Congress holds thousands of the most important primary sources on slavery and opposition to it and has devoted extensive and thoughtful labor to bringing them to the public. (See also the CES Primary Source Set: “Civil War and Reconstruction”). This primary source set offers distinct and vitally important sources not included in other primary source sets.

New Accessible Lesson Plan: Who Should Care for America’s Veterans?

Published on Sun, 05/06/2018

Care for veterans is a topic not only relevant to the understanding of the aftermath of war, and to the understanding of the role of government, but is a critical topic within the longer arc of disability history. In this lesson, students gather information through a variety of primary sources on the experiences of veterans from the War of Independence through today, and ask the question, ‘How has U.S.

New Primary Source Set - American Indian Material Culture

Published on Fri, 12/29/2017

The following primary source set focuses on material culture produced about and by American Indians. The information and materials in the set can be used as a jumping off point for teachers looking to access resources provided by the Library of Congress related to the topic. The subject of American Indian history and culture is generally not emphasized significantly in American history curriculum and classrooms.

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