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Welcome to the Emerging America resource library. Browse our ever-growing collection of primary source sets, lesson plans, classroom assessments, and more, developed by teachers and edited for quality and consistency. Use the controls in the blue box to search and filter by Type, Subject, Time Period, and Grade Level. NOTE: Use the website search engine (above) to find resources–such as apps and curriculum from other organizations–that appear only in the blog.
A photograph of a group of children in front of a large American flag. The children are dressed in early 20th century clothing and have their hands up in the middle of signing the national anthem.
The Reform to Equal Rights: K-12 Disability History Curriculum includes 250 primary sources in 23 lessons in seven units. Inclusive lessons feature Universal Design for Learning strategies and exemplary assessments. Lesson content facilitates integration into many regular K-12 topics. Skill and language development addresses C-3 History and Social Science frameworks as well as Educating for…
a round metal pan with a curved lid with many round holes and wooden handle

In this lesson sequence, students will explore primary source documents to learn more about what daily life was like in Colonial Massachusetts. Students…

At a tin water dispenser labeled "Colored" a young black man drinks from a paper cup.

Although this series of lessons utilizes sources from the Civil Rights Movement, the topic of focus could be changed to better support student needs or to better align to your topics of study.

Students will practice with language at the discourse, sentence, and word/phrase level while exploring primary sources connected to the Civil Rights movement. These lessons were framed around the…

A Supreme Court decision, shown with heading, "Supreme Court of the United States" and first paragraph.

Throughout these lessons, multilingual learners will develop the language necessary for success in the content area of social studies. 

Starting with this as the overarching goal of the unit, the lessons build towards the academic language knowledge and skills students will need to analyze and summarize Supreme Court decisions. Students…

silhouetted hands make a T "time out" symbol above the words, "We need to hear and discuss offensive words that appear in primary sources."

Every unit of the Reform to Equal Rights: K-12 Disability History Curriculum includes an introduction to the topic of disability, including strategies to address disrespectful vocabulary. 


There are many words about disability that are offensive in today's usage…